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We all have busy lives and busy schedules, and sometimes our dogs may not be able to stay home alone. Whatever the reason may be, leaving your dog with professionals, where they have room to roam and will receive attentive care is important. There are many benefits to sending your dog to doggy daycare. Here are a few reasons to take advantage of this service:


Dogs are social animals and require a lot of attention. The interactions they will have with other dogs at doggy daycare can impact them in a positive way. This is especially helpful when you are going through a busy time and may not be review write my papers able to give your dog as much attention as it is used to. If your dog tends to be nervous around other dogs, some interaction with an appropriately matched companion could be exactly what he or she needs. At Sunset Dog Retreat, we believe that integration is important, which is why we pair dogs upon arrival. Once paired, the new canine pals will share their play time and sleep in the same kennel.

Personalized Care

When choosing a facility to watch your dog, be sure to ask lots of questions and determine whether or not it’s the right place for your pet. Your doggy daycare should have an expertly trained team with a good staff-to-dog ratio. This will ensure that your pet receives the quality of care that you would deliver. If your dog has special needs, including specific food or medications, Sunset Dog Retreat will take extra care to look after them. During your pet’s stay, you may wish to consider grooming services. If your pet is in need of a shampoo, haircut, or a nail trim, you can arrange to have this taken care of before you pick them up.


A facility with lots of outdoor space will allow your dog to get the exercise and fresh air they need. At Sunset Dog Retreat, visiting pups are outside for nearly six hours a day. This is a big advantage over hiring a dog walker who may only be stopping by once or twice a day for short walks.


The daily structure of a doggy daycare can be beneficial to your dog, especially those with separation anxiety or behavioural issues. Our approach is to give your dog enough outdoor time, scheduled feeds, and personal attention and interaction with other dogs to ensure they have a full and well-rounded day. This way, your pet will return to you in good spirits; not full of pent-up energy or exhausted.

Vet Checkup and Updated Vaccinations

In order to protect all of our canine guests, as well as our team, all dog owners are required to bring a certificate of vaccination with them on their first visit. This is a great reminder to schedule a checkup with your vet beforehand to ensure that your dog’s shots are up-to-date and that their health is in peak condition!

If you have any questions about our services, feel free to check out our Frequently Asked Questions page or get in touch with us here.

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