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The decision to leave your dog at daycare is an important one, and you don’t want to leave your pup just anywhere. At Sunset Dog Retreat, we know how important your four-legged friends are to you, and choosing the best quality dog daycare is essential.

If you’re looking for doggy daycare or longer-term boarding for your pet, be sure to look for these features to ensure your dog is well-looked after, safe and secure:

1. First visit

Before you choose your dog daycare, it’s important to take a visit with your pup to see if it’s a good fit. Every dog has their own temperament and needs, and ensuring that your pooch will be comfortable — and the other residents will be too — is a good idea. We always recommend visiting our Barn and Yard to see our facilities before you make a decision to board your pet with us!

2. Cleanliness & tidiness

Any facility that houses a large number of dogs at a time won’t be sparkling clean, but it should be kept tidy and clean. On your first visit, make sure to evaluate the cleanliness of the daycare, making note of whether accidents are cleaned up in a timely manner and have a look to see that the conditions the other dogs are living in are adequate.

3. Insurance

If you’re leaving your beloved pet at a dog daycare, it’s essential that you make sure the facility has the proper insurance. If anything happens to your dog or your dog causes damage to the facility, you’ll want to be sure you aren’t liable for the associated costs.

4. Staff and interactions

Before you leave your pup at a daycare or boarding centre, you want to be sure they’ll have the right supervision by qualified and caring staff. Ask your dog boarder who will be interacting with your dog on a regular basis and how often your pet will receive attention throughout the day. At Sunset Dog Retreat, we have a team of permanent, trained staff, and volunteers from the University of Guelph’s veterinary program. Plus, we have an on-site vet!

5. Size of the daycare

When you board your dog, or take them to daycare, the last thing you want is for them to be cooped up day after day in a kennel that’s too small. Make sure you get a sense of the size of the boarding facility. 

Consider: Do they have an outdoor area? Do the dogs each get ample space when they’re caged? How many hours a day do they have cage-free time? Will they have regular walks? 

At Sunset Dog Retreat, your pooch may get up to 6 hours of outdoor time a day, weather depending. Our two-acre Yard is surrounded by a 7-foot chain link fence to contain even the largest pets!

For more information about Sunset Dog Retreat, or to schedule a visit at our daycare and boarding location near Toronto, contact us!

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