Our additional Dog Grooming services are performed by our staff. We offer utility grooming, including bath, brushing and more. Prices are provided on an individual quote basis, depending on animal size, coat and difficulty — please ask us for more information!

Browse below to view basic Doggy Grooming services. 

A basic shampoo and comb out for your dog. Make your pup all fresh for the day!

Trimming of feet and face for the health and wellbeing of your pet. Patches of fur around the feet and face easily become matted and pick up twigs if left too long. Get them groomed by one of our experienced staff members!

Just like you, dogs need some pampering! For this service, we will do a nice nail trim and create a polished finish with the Dremel tool, great for ensuring healthy dogs!

Hey, sometimes we all need a little help with our oral hygiene! Do you remember to brush your teeth every day? What about your dog? Let us take care of your pet’s teeth cleaning and help prevent periodontal disease — a commonly undiagnosed problem in dogs!

Just like it says! We gently take this pain-in-the-a** out of your dog’s day! Help your pet stay healthy and happy with this quick service.

A wash and proper clean-out of your dog’s ears. A great way to ensure a healthy, happy pup and prevent any ear infections!

A full complement of our a la carte menu of services — perfect to get your dog ready for your return! The Dog Spa package includes the following:

  • Bath & Blow-Dry
  • Ear Cleaning
  • Feet & Face Trim
  • Pawdicure with Dremel
  • Teeth Brushing
  • Anal Gland Express
  • And Deodorizing!

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